Brazil: the international insertion, the ethics of the elite’s new face of and the consolidation of the ways of domination

Ronaldo Raemy Rangel


The text searches to demonstrate that the recent Brazilian insertion in the international context, establishes politic actions of the ruling class that have launched the country in a period of unstable balance. This insertion, within the proposed shapes, demands the constitution of a “society of the control”, in which the force of the consensus captures the forms of collective conviviality and the social responsibility. Thus, the speech that presents the insertion as the guarantee of a “new age of stability and prosperity”, in fact must be perceived as an orientation where both the macroeconomic mechanisms and the vision of risk generate a system in which all conflict is considered as retrocession and all rejoinder as an empty space, since such speech inverts the signals of the order references, in other words, uses them as elements of expansion of the control through the devices that shape the new politics.


Ethics. International insertion. Society of the control. Elites.

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