The relationship marketing orientation and innovative behavior of the clothing industry

Fabiano Palhares Galão, Flávia Pellissari Pomin Frutos, Vandre Alex da Silva Silva, Mario Nei Pacagnan


In this study, the main focus is to articulate the innovation and orientation concepts towards the market, using as empiric reference, the clothing and textile section. About the methods, the research was descriptive, with quantitative analysis from a survey involving a sample of 62 industrial clothing and textile companies of the city of Londrina (PR). To verify the market orientation degree of the companies of the sample, it was used the Markor’s scale, developed by Kohli, Jaworski and Kumar (1993), and the analysis of the data was performed from the Pearson’s coeficient of correlation. The basic premise ob tained from the data of the ield research is that the approach to the consuming market and the focus on the customer are factors that may contribute to the development and implementation of companies’ innovations.


Clothing. Innovation. Market orientation.

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