Strategies of business interna-cionalization in digital products. A Brazilian cellular telephony case

Paulo Sidney Ferreira, Marcos Alberto Castelhano Bruno


The cellular telephony market crossed expressive changes of late years. The explosion of consumption, the globalization and the technological advances transformed the cellular market into the one of the most competitive in the world.  This scenery promotes the interest of promising nations, like Brazil, today, the sixth biggest cellular market. The more used alternative, of late years, by international companies that intend to go into these countries, has been the strategist alliances. In this article, it is intended to analyze the inter-national  alliance  between  Nokia  and  Gradient and  also  the  obtained  results.  The case shows the appropriation of the use of cooperation strategies for going into an international market.


Digital Cellular telephony. Gradient. Joint venture. Nokia . Strategist alliance.

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