Brazilian railroad: public concession for private use

Ivanil Nunes


Analyzing  the process  of  Brazilian  railroads  re-privatization  and  the  main  products  of  these railroads, it  is verified  that  a  small line of goods composes most of the products leaded by Brazilian rail transport. In its majority, the transported products belong to the own shareholders of these new companies, growing up like this an atypical situation in that the entrepreneur-rail is customer of itself own. First, this study brings a short history of privatization/re-nationalizing in the area, which will be the base of the discussion around this process. Then, it is intended to detach the stockholder composition of the new Brazilian railroad and the participation of each one of them in relation to the transported cargo joint, beyond the characteristics of these products. Finally, the products transported by railroad are enumerated and their relation to the respective own share-holders of the companies is established.


Privatization. Railroad. Transports.

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