The Cultural Logic of the Business Internationalization Process: The Acquisition of a Certification of Origin Seal

Simone de Lira Almeida, Fernando Gomes de Paiva Júnior, José Roberto Ferreira Guerra


The study discusses the cultural dimension in the business internationalization process. Institutional communications of SEBRAE regarding the certification of origin of the curd cheese from Pernambuco are analyzed as trade integration effort in foreign markets. The hermeneutic interpretive inspirated method is adopted as support for the document analysis that investigates the relevance of the cultural dimension in the business internationalization process. The results show that certification of origin means a strategy to develop the local culture and assimilation of the other territories cultural logic. In this sense, tradition and cultural identity are recognized as dynamic elements, since the meanings of the product in the culture of origin are modeled to cultural patterns of destination through a translation process that reduces the psychic distance between nations involved in international negotiation.


Cultural Dimension; Business Internationalization Process; Cultural Identity

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