Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises in High Impact Factor Administration Journals: 2000-2008

Giancarlo Gomes, Amelia Silveira, Mohamed Amal


The article analyzed the scientific output of the Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) within four international journals between 2000-2008, through: exploratory research; qualitative methods; documentary analysis; and purposeful sampling. 26 articles were analyzed, considering their research objectives, theoretical frameworks, adopted methodologies and their principal contributions to the subject. It was acknowledged that these papers aspired to understand, analyze, interpret and identify the reasons and importance of the internationalization of SME. The Uppsala model was referenced in a number of polls, and principally presented the quantitative method. The main topics discussed were: the importance of social capital and networks in their internationalization and global alliances; management skills and personal skills of managers; distribution channels; the relationship between performance and size of the international organization; in addition to the role of experience abroad.


Scientific production; Internationalization; Small and Medium Enterprises - SME.

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