Analysis of the Most Cited Publications from Strategic Management Journal Between 2001 and 2010

André Luís Janzkovski Cardoso, Wesley Vieira da Silva, Eduardo Damião da Silva, Jansen Maia Del Corso


Based on the previous studies and a selection of the articles published in the SMJ between the years 2001 and 2010 and the most cited ones at the same period (2001-2010), the goal of this research is to identify emerging and classical authors understanding their contributions to the development of the area and relate them to the evolution of current theories on strategy through quantitative and qualitative analyses. After surveying on ISI Web of Knowledge database, 60 articles were selected with more than 100 citations and bibliometric techniques applied to data processing by factor analysis and multidimensional scaling. The articles were analyzed qualitatively in order to better understand the contributions to the development of the field of studies in strategy. Through the analysis of co-citations it was possible to identify that some classical authors, gradually, are no longer mentioned and other authors begin to stand out. The results corroborate previous studies (RAMOS-RODRIGUES; RUIZ-NAVARRO, 2004; NERUR et al., 2008; SERRA et al., 2012) confirming the prevalence of articles related to RBV, but there are evidences that issues such as dynamic capabilities, the knowledge-based view and organizational learning are also highlighted. Using the quantitative and qualitative analyzes allied to previous studies seeks to present a framework of theories on strategy over the years (1980-2010) in order to outline an analysis of current evolutionary theory and its contributors.


SMJ; Strategic; RBV; Dynamic Capabilities; Co-citations Analysis.


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