Participation of Manager of Intermediate Level in the Process of Strategy Implementation Considering Studies and Floyd Wooldridge (1992)

Cláudio Luiz Melo da Luz, Gustavo Gobbo, Rosália Aldraci Barbosa Lavarda


This study aims to examine how is characterized the participation of middle manager considering Floyd and Wooldridge (1992) studies, in the implementation process of deliberate strategy. The four different roles that managers play are synthesizing information, defending alternatives, facilitating and implementing deliberate strategy by top management. To answer the research question a qualitative methodology was adopted using a single case study (EISENHARDT, 1989). The techniques of data collection were semi-structured interviews with middle managers, document analysis and direct observation. After analyzing the data, using pattern matching technique it was found that the four roles are held at the Institution, characterizing the strategy formation process as top-down (deliberated).


Middle Manager; Strategy Implementation; Case Study.


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