Option for winning: brazilians’ perception regarding companies

Mauricio Fernandes Pereira, Helena Maria Chaves Boal


By the increasing number of researches about how some organizations succeed in environments influenced by risk, innovation, quickness, transition and luck, this present study aims to identify if some entrenched myths, according to the study presented by Collins and Hansen (2011), are perceived and/or accepted by Brazilians concerning to organizations in which they work or have worked. For the survey, it was used a quantitative methodology and a non-probabilistic sampling. One structured electronic questionnaire was disseminated through Facebook and LinkedIn social networks. Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics and content analysis. The questionnaire was applied over seven days, and 259 filled questionnaires were obtained. The results show a possible trend of non-acceptance of these myths, easily identified through the reviews and the responses for each statement.


Estratégia empresarial; Liderança; Gestão Empresarial; Business Strategy; Leadership; Business Management


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