Organizational culture in police organizations: preliminary analysis of the possibilities of changes

Nelson Aparecido Gomes Villaça


This article aims an approach concerning the organizational culture and the identification of the main difficulties faced while adapting the society’s needs and the law obedience by the Military Police, more specifically in the State of São Paulo. The procedures applied were the exploring research, based on the revision of the organizational culture literature and the observation and information gathering in the Military Corporation. The main results showed that the Military Police presents a complex organizational culture, due to the heterogeneity of its component subgroups. Other important fact was the necessity of training the policemen (multipliers), responsible for transmitting the old and new values created by the Corporation Command, as a way of shaping up the organizational culture to the new participants. At last, the Corporation should be open to include new quality systems in the attending procedures, aiming a more effective and democratic participation of the community.


culture; ideology; management.

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