Third sector: the construction of an solidarity economy

Gerusa Coutinho Ramos


The third sector is increasing in Brazil and it occupies a political, economic and social space, showing a diversity of formal entities or informal movements, defender of the most variety causes – street boys, AIDS, environment, professional qualification, woman, small producers, among so many other which represent the social fights in Brazil. In this context, this article aims to raise topics for discussion concerning the importance of the third sector in the country as an alternative of society organization in relation with its reality and necessities, besides stressing the economic importance of this segment in the GDP, work market and capital investment. Firstly, it shows a brief historic view of the third sector; secondly, it performs a debate about this concept; thirdly, it is shown the economic aspects and the perspectives that, in Brazil, are presented to it.


third sector; economy of solidarity; social responsibility; NGOs; social projects.

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