Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and the religious marketing

Ubirajara Morais, Larissa Zeggio Perez Figueiredo, Egydio Barbosa Zanotta


Several studies have show that the decline in Catholic Church attendance, as a result of its ongoing stagnant policy that does not attempt to win back or retain its flock, apart from its general neglect as to the financial situation, may have in­fluenced the rise of new religious institutions. But the reasons behind the growing number of evangelicals, especially followers of the Universal Church of the King­dom of God have yet to be seriously studied. Could it be that the leaders of this denomination have been using conventional marketing tools to support its expan­sion? And what would such tools be? Within this scarcely investigated context, the object of the present study has to propose a methodology and an instrument to appraise the profile of the followers’ entry and permanence.


Marketing service. Religion. Universal Church.

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