Permanence or reinsertion of the aged in the labor market: an alternative for communities directed to the sustainable development and for valuation of the local culture

Miguel Arantes Normanha Filho


This study focuses on the permanence, or reinsertion of aged people, with satis­faction and dignity, in the labor market. By the experience acquired through the years acting as a multiplier of their knowledge, bringing, as a consequence, the per­manence of the new generations in the communities, causing sustainable develop­ment and, in a secondary form, but also relevant, the valuation and perpetuation of the local culture. The study was generated from approaching, studies, and instruc­tion through the following subjects: Community and Local Power: Reconfiguring and a New Signification and The State and the Aging, during the Gerontology course of PUC-SP. The evolution of the study shows the need for more thorough approach to the subject. Those inquiries should be fortifying the community, with the maintenance of the local culture. Without that there would be the sense of return to the past.


Aged people. Communities. Local culture. Work.

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