Incubators as a support for organizations that learn

Paulo Nogueira do Amaral Gurgel


Companies incubators stand for an engine for supporting and enabling to projects by enterprisers who want to turn ideas into businesses. This project, which refers to São Paulo State, aims at making evident their importance as a physical, opera­tional, administration and as a technical support infrastructure, necessary to the creation and implantation of lasting and healthy companies, as well as for the over­coming of the high index of companies mortality. The specialized literature review here proposed makes evident that, these days, the focus lays on the creation of incubators and not on the incubator as learning organization, that prepares for the enterprise for a long period of life. The major results indicate that the process of companies incubation is an important part in the solution of problems and also in the success of enterprises, among other reasons, for its characteristic of implant­ing learning organizations, especially in this era of technological and commercial changes accelerated in all segments of businesses.


Cultural change. Incubated company. Incubator. Mortality of companies.Organization that learns.

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