The impact of organizational climate on the competence-based on compensation

Derly Jardim do Amaral, Andreza Heringer Venicio, Enido Fabiano de Ramos, Vanessa Scalise


This paper investigates the impact of the organizational climate on competence-based compensation systems. These  are  two  important  components that bring advantage both to person and to organization. In order to measure such impact, a research questionnaire was  developed  using a quantitative,  descriptive-statistical  and  exploratory method. It was elaborated using the seven dimensions  of  organizational  climate  as  stated by Kolb (apud SOUZA, 1978) and sent by e-mail to  Human  Resource  managers  of  33  Brazilian organizations  located  in  southeast  and  south.

The  results sustain  that  65%  of  the researched professionals  confirmed  Kolb’s  dimensions, except  for  complacency (57.5%). Our research indicated the hypothesis that competence-based compensation  has  an  impact  on  organizational climate that cannot be rejected.


Compensation. Competence. Organizational climate.

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