Tourism and informal labor: an inevitable binomial?

Luis Augusto Severo Soares


The  article  deals  with  the  characteristics  of the  tourist  employment,  now  becoming  more and  more  informal  due  to  the  productive  decentralization,  the   flexible  specialization  and to  the  deterioration  of  working  regulations associated  to  the  increase  of  temporary  jobs used by companies as  a form  of compensating the seasonal losses and to the effective growth of  disqualified  labor,  originated  from  other segments of  the  local and  regional economies, marginalized in face of the tourist performance (tourist monoculture)  and the lack  of planning for  the  activity  (labor  formation,  insertion  of communities into  the tourist businesses –  productive absorption – among other factors).


Economy.Informal labor. Tourism.

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