Tourism, international relations and businesses: an approach to the transnational and supranational actions

Sergio Luiz de Souza Vieira, Gloria Maria Widmer, Ana Julia de Souza Melo


The tourist activities, as an important economic segment of world, need  more attention on  the part  of  Applied  Social  Sciences,  in  special  of the  International  Relations. This  article  aims  to initiate a discussion on this subject, based on the conceptual  constructions  of  transnationalism and supranationalism, as well as the reconstruction of  the  notion of  national  sovereignty.  The nations,  in  order  to  establish  the globalized tourist activities, adapt their legislation under the orders  of  the  international  conventions,  aiming the  growth  of  employment  rates,  the  increase of  income,  and  social  cultural  economical  and technological  development, generated  from  the tourist  activities,  which  put into motion trillions of dollars yearly.


Globalization. Sovereignty. Supranationalism. Tourism. Transnationalism.

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