Local Productive Arrangements and their influences in regional economics development

Demeure Adolfo Menezes Pessoa, Vandre Alex da Silva, Fabiano Palhares Galão, José Carlos Rogel, Cláudio Luiz Chiusoli


The article possesses the mark of demonstrating the paper of the clusters in the regional economical development by the actors' cooperation in the productive chain. By this way was used a bibliographical review and descriptive-exploratory as methodology to realize this work. The article shows as it results the substation of the companies agglomerateds formation in several region, do they belongs at the same business or of the existing companies suppliers, like a alternative way to search of the competitive advantadge.  That can be deserved yet like a new economic trend in Brazil and in the other wolrd region, that do the companies adopt a different way in front of the new challenges. By the way it´s generator of a new economic geography of development, therefore to start from the moment that occurs this corporate cohesion, whose purpose is the seek of the competitive advantadge, that can be used to put down the production costs, to promote the exportation and permit the technological innovations.


Cluster. Local productive arrangements. Regional economy.

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