Vol 11, No 2 (2012)


Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Português (Brasil))
Benny Kramer Costa, Marcelo Pereira Binder 01-04


The Value Net, the Delta Model, and the Aeronautics Industry PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcos Roberto Piscopo, Belmiro do Nascimento João, Hans J. Thamhain 05-33
Factors Conditioning the Implementation of Cooperative and Competitive Strategies: The Case of Industries of Jewelry Guaporé- Rs State PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Claudia Machado Padilha, Cristina Gallon, Paloma de Mattos 34-69
Evidence of Research Addressing the Typology of Miles-Snow in Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Vanderlei Vieira, Roberto Klosowski Machado, Nathanael Kusch Brey, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto 70-90
Strategic Resources in Scenario 2009/2015 of Private Higher Education Institutions in the Northeast Region in Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jaime Romero de Sousa, Sérgio Henrique Arruda Cavalcante Forte, Oderlene Vieira de Oliveira 91-119
Understanding the Franchised Strategic Praxis from the Practice Established by Franchise System PDF (Português (Brasil))
Josué Vitor Medeiros Júnior, Miguel Moreno Añez, Hilka Pelizza Vier Machado 120-144
Stakeholders and Apart Hotels: Multiple Case Study PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elizabeth Kyoko Wada 145-169
The Influence of Leadership in The Conduct of the Implementation Process of Strategic Planning: A Case Study at the University Hospital of the University of St Catherine PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giselly Rizzatti, Mauricio Fernandes Pereira, Heloisa Cristina Martins Amaral 170-196
A Review of Environmental Factors Determining to Proactivity: The Case of the Footwear Industry PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jose Carlos Lazaro, Monica Cavalcanti Sá de Abreu, Francisco de Assis Soares 197-224
Competence Building Strategy in the Textile Complex: A Study of the Impact of Cultural and Identitarian Aspects PDF (Português (Brasil))
Reginaldo de Jesus Carvalho Lima, Allan Claudius Queiroz Barbosa, Adelaide Maria Coelho Baeta, Domingos Antônio Giroletti 225-256
Strategy and Competitiveness in a Context of Internationalization: Building Construction Sector of Salvador, Bahia - Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luiz Fernando de Carvalho Reis, Augusto de Oliveira Monteiro 257-280
Internationalization Strategy of Brazilian Heavy Construction: Reflections on the History and Results PDF (Português (Brasil))
Flavia Luciane Scherer 281-307

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