Vol 13, No 3 (2014)

January-June (Ahead of printing)

Table of Contents

Editorial Comment

Editorial Comment: Resilience and to last through the Rejection for Success in Career PDF (Português (Brasil))
Manuel Aníbal Silva Portugal Vasconcelos Ferreira 01-06


The Past, Present, and Future of Strategy: Broadening Challenges; Advancing Insight PDF
Derek Abell 07-18


Market-Oriented Projects: Analysis in an Information Technology Cluster PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Edson Lara, Ronaldo Lamounier Locatelli, Marcia Valéria Cota Machado, Caissa Veloso e Sousa 19-34
Innovation and Social, Environmental and Economic Performances in Msmes: An Empirical Approach PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eduardo Botti Abbade 35-47
The Relationship Between Environmental Pressure and Strategic Behavior: A Research on SME of the Auto Parts Sector PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dimas Ferreira Vidal, José Geraldo Pereira Barbosa, Marco Aurélio Carino Bouzada 48-62
The Brazilian Banking Industry: A Study of the Entry Barriers to Foreign Institutions PDF (Português (Brasil))
Juliana Rabelo Melo, Sérgio Henrique Arruda Cavalcante Forte, José Milton de Sousa Filho 63-76
Technological Factors Determining the Dynamics of Innovation and Skills Development: A Study with Brazilian Multinational PDF (Português (Brasil))
Priscila Rezende da Costa, Geciane Silveira Porto 77-93
Strategy Implementation and the Executive Style : A Study on Strategic Alignment and Performance in Small and Medium Industries of Rio Grande do Norte PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alvaro Fabiano Pereira de Macedo, Liana Holanda Nobre, Jansen Maia Del Corso, Alceu Souza 94-106
Analysis of Barriers that Affect the Transformation of Family Farmer Into a Rural Entrepreneur in Brazilian Context PDF (Português (Brasil))
Patricia Amelia Tomei, Daniela Arantes Alves Lima 107-122
From the Homo Entrepreneur to the Contemporary Entrepreneur: The Evolution of the Entrepreneurial Characteristics From 1848 To 2014 PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernando Filardi, Filippe Delarissa Barros, Adalberto Américo Fischmann 123-140

Book Review

Great by Choice PDF (Português (Brasil))
Nuno Rosa Reis 141-142

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