Vol 17, No 3 (2018)


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Editorial Comment

Doing Bibliometric Reviews for the Iberoamerican Journal of Strategic Management PDF/INGLÊS (Português (Brasil))
Fernando Antonio Ribeiro Serra, Manuel Portugal Ferreira, Luiz Antonio de Camargo Guerrazzi, Vanessa Vasconcelos Scaciotta 01-16


Grounded Theory with the Use of the Atlas.Ti Software: An Empirical Example of a Study on the Ascenting Strategy of Innovative Entrepreneurship in Social Business PDF (Português (Brasil))
Priscila Rezende da Costa, Lucimar da Silva Itelvino 17-40


Effects of the Innovation System in the Exportation Performance of the Municipalities of Minas Gerais PDF (Português (Brasil))
Larissa Carla Siqueira, Cristina Lelis Leal Calegário 41-60
Cooperative Governance and the Legitimacy Dilemma: A Case Study in a Credit Cooperative PDF (Português (Brasil))
Aline Castro Jansen, Alisson Eduardo Maehler, Douglas Wegner 61-80
Determinants of Performance of the Flower Sector PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristiane de Sousa Florêncio, Oderlene Vieira de Oliveira 81-99
The Development of Innovative Capacity: The Case of Fratelli Metalurgical and Renewable Energies Industry - Santa Rosa / RS PDF (Português (Brasil))
Clarice Vepo do Nascimento Welter, Jorge Oneide Sausen, Gabriela Cappellari 100-115
Isomorphism and Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies in the Sustainability Index of BM&FBovespa PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniel Cargnin da Silva, Graciella Martignago, Wlamir Gonçalves Xavier, Simone Sehnem 116-127
Practices that Characterize the International Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Study in Vineyards of Southern Brazil PDF (Português (Brasil))
Graciele Tonial, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto 128-152

Technical Articles

The Interrelationship between Competitiveness and Value Chain: Case Study in a Metal-Mechanical Company in Santa Catarina PDF (Português (Brasil))
Nelson Santos Machado, Juceli Casagrande, Darlan José Roman, Carlos Eduardo Carvalho 153-172

Book Review

The Theory of the Growth of the Firm over 60 Years: From Where We Came and Where We Are Going PDF (Português (Brasil))
Arnaldo Di Petta, Luciana Orozco de Gouveia, Andrea Luísa Bozzo, Marcelo Neves Gonçalves 173-187

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