Vol 17, No 4 (2018)


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Editorial Comment

Secondary Data in Research – Uses and Opportunities PDF/INGLÊS (Português (Brasil))
Fellipe Silva Martins, Júlio Araujo Carneiro da Cunha, Fernando Antonio Ribeiro Serra 01-04


Participant and Non-Participant Observation: Theoretical Contextualization and Guide Suggestion for Methods Application PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcio Luiz Marietto 05-18


Dynamic Capacities in a Crisis Environment: A Comparative Analysis of Cases from the Retail and Clothing Retail Sector PDF (Português (Brasil))
Renata Barcelos, Daniel Paulino Teixeira Lopes, Carlos Alberto Gonçalves, Allan Claudius Queiroz Barbosa 19-37
The Competitiveness of the Brazilian Telecommunications Sector PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristiana Fernandes De Muylder, Jefferson Lopes La Falce, Maxwell Domiciano Rodrigues 38-54
A Conceptual Model for the Characterization of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Social Context PDF (Português (Brasil))
Viviane Celina Carmona, Cristina Dai Prá Martens, Henrique Mello Rodrigues Freitas 55-70
The Moderating Effect of Manufacturing Capabilities in the Relationship between Strategic Supply Chain Management and Business Performance PDF (Português (Brasil))
Valdir Antonio Vitorino Filho, Roberto Giro Moori 71-89
Public Management: Formation of a Constructivist Model to Support the Virtual School of Public Administration of Santa Catarina in Combating the Evasion of Distance Learning PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Barbara Gonçalves Amaral, Sandra Mara Iesbik Valmorbida, Ademar Dutra 90-110
Network Learning in the Context of Intercooperation and Network Merger: The Non-Merger Option PDF (Português (Brasil))
Taisson Toigo 111-124

Technical Articles

Business Model and Innovation at a Public Company in the Agroindustrial Coffee Chain PDF (Português (Brasil))
João Marcos Caixeta Franco, Mariane Figueira, Joel Yutaka Sugano, Sabrina Soares da Silva 125-145

Book Review

Strategic Leadership: Top Executives and their Effects on Organizations - A Critical Review of Finkelstein and Hambrick PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lucas Daniel Ramos Ribeiro, Aleixo Fernandes, Flávio de Carvalho Perpétuo, Luiz Silva dos Santos, José Eduardo Storopoli 146-158

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